Here We Are Again!

It’s been over a year since my last blog, and my last declaration of getting myself together and focussing on my writing. That, obviously, did not happen. This time I’m not making any promises to myself but I will endeavour to maintain my writing and start moving forward with the plans that have been circulating my brain for quite some time (I think we’ve heard that before!). So for now a quick catch up; true to form I am struggling with my health again at roughly the same time of year as the past few years, at least it’s something a little different this time…

Unbeknownst to me it all began with a blister that appeared on my finger. I didn’t think much of it as, the night before the blister appeared, a friend of mine had kindly leant me their gloves and they were a bit tight, so I put this down to the cause of said blister. Then around ten days later, and my first day of annual leave, I awoke with one rather large blister, and one smaller one on my arm (for those who are not overly squeamish please see pics). This was a couple of days before my my 39th birthday, Happy Birthday to me!! The GP placed me on a heavy dose of anti-viral tablets and antibiotics with instructions to go to straight to A&E should anymore blisters appear. It’s now coming up to two weeks since the second set of blisters graced me with their presence and thankfully, so far, no more have appeared.

I used to have a full on zombie survival plan, now I’m resigned to the fact that I will probably be among the first infected.

For the first few days I didn’t feel terribly unwell, I was sleeping more than usual but I was on leave so catching up on sleep is a given. I cancelled most of the plans I had for the week though as my arm was very painful and I was concerned about the blisters bursting. Towards the end of the first week I started to feel unwell with rib pain and intermittent pain behind my eyes. This past week has been worse, struggling to get out of bed with severe fatigue and generally feeling unwell. Cabin fever is starting to set in and literally all I’m doing is sleeping and walking the dogs for as long as I can manage. I went back to the doctors this week and, as usual, they’re not quite sure what is going on but have said it is likely to be a viral infection and advised lots of rest and fluids. It’s frustrating as I’ve been back on shift work for just under a year now and, although it’s been a struggle at times, I am glad to be back.

This current bout of illness has got me thinking though; I am happy to be back to doing my job, albeit with some restrictions, but it has got me realising how little I actually do out of work. When I’m on shift I literally work, sleep and walk my dogs. On my rest days I may venture up the road to one of my local pubs but that’s pretty much it. My world has indeed become very small. A few weeks back my sister brought my niece and nephew to visit and we had a couple of days out in London, I absolutely loved it but I was in agony. On the second day Carys and I had to leave them in the Science Museum to buy codeine and heat patches and find somewhere to sit and chill out because I just couldn’t cope with the pain and standing. This really made me think about just how much my life has changed and yes I work, but how much do the shifts and the nature of my job impact even more on my life now? It’s something that I’ve been asking myself more and more recently.

The large blister as it looks now it’s nearly healed.

Anyway, it feels good to be mind dumping here and I know there are a lot of people in the same situation. In my next post I’m going to be talking about attending Glastonbury last year and how we coped, what went well and what didn’t go quite as planned.

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