Louise Colairo

Jumpinthepuddles.org has been created by Lou as a place to blog about chronic illness. it’s a safe space to discuss the trials and successes that come with being chronically ill and how difficult it can be to persevere through the endless appointments, daily challenges and new diagnoses.

In addition Lou wants to use Jumpinthepuddles.org to showcase her poetry and sketches, that are not necessarily connected to chronic illness, but highlight her individual creativity and hobbies.

About the Author

Lou has been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility, Reynolds Phenomenon and an unspecified autoimmune condition (thought to be Lupus). Over the past few years Lou has had to adapt her life and become more respectful to both her body and mind. Her blogs aim to act as inspiration for others who may be struggling with similar physical/mental health issues, to create discussion and awareness of ‘invisible illness’ and, of course, to remind people to always jump in the puddles.

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