We all dream of things we want to do

Well turn those dreams into reality

Our philosophy at Jump in the Puddles  

Dreamit . Planit . Doit

All our programmes help you find the confidence to Jump in and make your dreams a reality. 

It is all up to you

If you are able to conceive it, you are able to do it. Creating a life you want to live is as easy as creating the dream. You just need a different mind set.

Dreamit . Planit . Doit

Turn your dreams into reality

So why should you trust me to help you

Because I have been there and come out the other end

I have had my fair share of dreams in life and some have not quite turned out the way I wanted, Oh but what fun I had on the way.   The main dreams in my life have turned out as I wanted, and this is because I learnt the art of 

Dreamit . Planit . Doit

I worked in theatre for many years, taught children and adults how to gain confidence and perform.   I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and am a Master Practitioner and with all of that have worked with many people on turning their dreams into reality.

It only takes a small change of your mindset to believe you can do it and have the confidence to change your life and turn your dreams into reality.

While I cannot do the work for you, I can show you how to 

Dreamit . Planit . Doit


Find out about NLP here.

Our current 35 day bootcamp kicks off with a FREE webinar

If you have ever been asked to speak in public or present to a group of people, you know how terrifying that can be. As part of our Dreamit . Planit . Doit programme, we are running a 35 day bootcamp. Check it out if you are a women in business and want to speak with confidence and passion.

Sparkle at Public Speaking

Public Speaking made easy for women in business

Join the FREE webinar and learn to speak with confidence and passion.

September 1st @ 2.00pm BST

Jump in

Jump in and Sparkle

Our new programme for those women in business who hate the idea of speaking in public

FREE email coaching course worth £75.00

It all starts from inside of you. So grab this FREE email coaching course today and begin to make your dreams a reality.

Having an authentic you at the core of your being, is having the power of the universe at your disposal.

So get ‘A better self from the inside out’ Your free email self coaching series today.  (worth £75.00)

A great place to start in becoming the real you.

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Dreamit . Planit . Doit