Life is to be lived, with you centre stageStop watching from the audience, become the star


Calling all professional women who have reached that wonderful age of 50+ and feel that somehow life has not worked out the way it was supposed to.

So what stops you moving forward:

  • You are afraid that the other side is no better than where you are
  • You do not have any idea what it is you want to change
  • You think that it is to late
  • You want someone else to change it for you

You used to have so many dreams and believed that you had all the time in the world to make them come true.      Yet life gets in the way and you find yourself bringing up your family, supporting partners, friends and colleagues, life goes by and one day you wake up and wonder what happened.

So now is the time to believe in yourself.   Dust off those dreams and move from the audience into centre stage in your life.    You deserve to be the star and here is where you will find all the help you make sure you shine.



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Your life is in your hands, so Jump in the Puddles and create the production you want to Star in.   Stop being afraid, stop being their for everyone else.  Stop living everyone else’s life.

Begin living your life.  Begin to live without the fear.  Begin to dream and make the dreams come true.   Begin to put yourself first.   



Making the first move is the most difficult, yet it results in the most amazing change in your life. Be fearless and jump in today

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